JUST SOLD – 5902 Volunteer Drive

Exterior Front.

It was time for a new phase in life, and Sally and Brad decided to trade in her home of nearly 20 years for something in the country with a little land. Finding a buyer for the sweet little house at 5902 Volunteer was not especially difficult, but getting that sale closed turned out to be a very big challenge. Their buyer was a first-timer, taking advantage of a special loan program that had been launched for a short time and was being administered through the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP), whereby down payment grants were issued to qualified buyers under special terms. The offer appeared to be great on paper and came with a preapproval letter from a legitimate lender, but nobody knew just how difficult this loan would be to close until the first delay came a few days prior to the scheduled closing. Annoyed, but patient, they waited for the lender to get the file ready to close. The rescheduled closing date came and went, and nobody on the buyer’s side seemed to know how to process this loan! Confidentiality complicated Jennifer’s communication with the lender, so scramping out status updates was like peeling back layers of an onion. Finally, Jennifer was able to call in favors from her contacts at INHP for help, but as the days passed, pressure mounted.  Sally and Brad were hoping to purchase their dream home in Fayette as soon as they closed on the sale of Volunteer, and that seller was losing patience and accepted a back-up offer! Two days before Christmas, 5902 Volunteer Drive was closed, thanks to the efforts of Jennifer’s buddies at INHP and persistence from all parties in this transaction! The story of Brad and Sally’s purchase is actually another chapter, with its own crazy twists and turns, but their entire story from beginning to end was a reminder to Jennifer that sometimes things just happen for reasons we don’t understand and that persistence and patience are most often the most effective skills she can employ in these situations.  But every now and then, it does help to call in favors.


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