4040 E 750 S, Lebanon

Exterior Front.

Brad and Sally had been fighting through the very difficult and delayed sale on their home in Pike Township, when the seller of the house they were buying grew impatient, accepted a back up offer, and presented a closing deadline.  Their delays had been lender-related on their buyer’s side and beyond anyone’s control.  Every single effort had been made by all parties to get that sale closed.  Gargantuan hoops had been jumped through, impossible mountains climbed, all too detailed and personal to dig into, but closing that sale two days before Christmas was a huge relief to everyone.  However, on Christmas Eve, Brad and Sally’s own lender pulled their purchase loan for inexplicable reasons, causing their seller to terminate in favor of the back-up, leaving Brad and Sally staring down homelessness in a matter of days.  It was a brutally sad Christmas Eve by everyone’s view.  There was simply nothing anyone could do to fix it at that point!  Jennifer scrambled to find them a shortterm solution for housing.  As the church bells rang for Christmas Eve services, a temporary home was found, and they were all forced to take a holiday hiatus to regroup.  On the morning of the 26th, Jennifer moved their loan to a new lender, who issued an approval in 10 days, and the search was on for a new home they could buy and close on in short order.  What they found was such a blessing that all tears shed for the former dream house dried up.  A little piece of paradise hit the market with a massive barn and nothing but country quiet all around.  Brad and Sally have since said many times how grateful they are to have “lost” the first house, which made it a Christmas miracle!





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