SOLD – 2200 Trowbridge High Street, Carmel

2200 Trowbridge High St

Barb and Rex had bought 2200 Trowbridge High a couple of years ago when they were relocating from Ohio. They were in a hurry, and couldn’t find anything else they liked. They had been transferred into Carmel and they just had to buy something, anything. So they bought Trowbridge in the Village of West Clay. It suited its purpose for a couple of years, but as time passed, they decided they wanted some yard, and they really wanted a pool for their grandkids. They grew weary of the close quarters in West Clay. The hunt for a new home, a fine home they could make their dream home, was on. But selling Trowbridge proved problematic. The first broker they hired did not get the job done. When they were referred to Jennifer, they knew things would be different. Jennifer took over the listing right before Thanksgiving. The property was sold in a matter of weeks. After a ton of showings, they received a good, strong offer and the hunt for Barb and Rex’s dream home was on. That will be the second chapter to their story. When another broker couldn’t get it done – Jennifer did.

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