SOLD – 11489 Governors Lane, Fishers

11489 Governors LaneSeveral years ago, Jared & Emily called Jennifer to inquire about a short sale listing she had in Pike Township. That was a big, once-beautiful house with a pool, in a terrible state of disrepair; and while it didn’t work for Jared & Emily, the couple decided Jennifer should work for them, so the search commenced. They were “selective” buyers, who weren’t yet decided on what they wanted…or where they wanted it…so this was a challenge!  They visited homes on the west side on Indy, in Carmel and Zionsville and Westfield.  But, while on the hunt, Jared got a new job, Emily got pregnant, and it became clear that the couple might need to house a parent or two in the near future.  ‘Twas kind of a roller-coaster for a house hunt, actually!  Would you believe that THE PERFECT HOME for these two materialized in Fishers, sitting atop a slight hill, on a bold corner lot?!  It was a fabulous, custom home that had originally been built by adult-children to co-habitate with their elderly parents.  The house was essentially a duplex, but you’d never know it from the street. It was built as two, fully-functioning residences in one.  It was an amazing find. Beautiful and totally unique. They bought it nearly immediately! Jennifer can rarely say the ride to the closing table is easy anymore, and this one had its own unique challenges, but it closed. And Jared and Emily just sent Jennifer a postcard of their beautiful new baby shortly afterwards.  When/if they ever need to move a parent in with them, they are ready!

SOLD – 1218 Selkirk Lane, Indianapolis

1218 Selkirk LaneTim and Tracy grew up in a traditional two-story home in Washington Township.  Tragic illnesses took their parents just six months apart, and the two young adults were left with a house with a lot of deferred maintenance and a crippling amount of grief.  Eventually, it became reality that the house had to be sold in order to settle the estate; twas the last step in that arduous process.  Their first listing agent did not get the job done.  The house was overpriced, underprepared and under-marketed.  A friend referred Tracy to Jennifer, and everything changed.  The house’s defects were discovered and reflected in the pricing for the property, the marketing was adjusted to appeal to the most likely buyers, and a strong cash offer from a rehab investor was received and accepted shortly thereafter. Today, the house is gorgeous and once-again filled with joy as a new family revels in the result of the renovation completed last fall.  Tim and Tracy are happy to see their parents’ home once again glorious.  Jennifer is honored that she could help reinvent their responsibility from one of grief to one of peace.

SOLD – 9660 N 650 E, Pittsboro

9660 N 650 EJennifer had the most challenging client of her life when she listed
9660 N 650 E.  She spent months helping that little lady purge out a
lifetime of furniture, clothing and clearance sale treasures to
prepare that house for the market.  Slightly intimidating was the fact
that the seller had spent four decades training real estate agents to
be successful (and cleaning up their messes when they weren’t).  Not
only did she have a high need to sell this house before winter set in,
she also had a bossy son who called Jennifer daily to bust her chops
because he was tired of taking care of the house and land.  “But don’t
give it away,” he barked at the end of every phone call.  It didn’t
help that this was not exactly a run-of-the-mill property.  It needed
a buyer who could fill a 7-bedroom house and make use of eight acres;
and it needed someone who could tame the poison ivy that was rapidly
taking over the trees.  After about a zillion open houses and too many
showings to count, a relocating botanist with six kids came along as a
blessing in the form of a buyer, and Jennifer’s mom and brother
couldn’t have been more pleased to sell it to him.  Haha!  This sale
was actually a family matter for Jennifer, and it was all very
congenial, but it certainly wasn’t easy for a pro-bono sale!

SOLD – 7402 Fishback Road, Indianapolis

7402 Fishback RoadTom was ready to move closer to his grandchildren in Zionsville.  He’d been trying to sell his charming, historic home of 20+ years near the Eagle Creek Reservoir off and on for two years with other brokers.  After a disappointing fall-through, Tom pulled his listing from the other broker and put it in Jennifer’s hands.  Under her watch, multiple offers were received and a sale was struck, but the inspections proved challenging. Jennifer guided him through that, converted the sale to “as is” pricing, and closed the deal last summer, so that Tom was able to buy an easy-living ranch in Whitestown, just 10 minutes from his family.  He has no more acreage to mow, no more maintenance and plenty of time to spend with his grandchildren! When you need an agent willing and able to work through the rough spots of your transaction, trust Jennifer to figure out how to write your own Story of Sold!

SOLD – 13679 Mallorn Circle, Fishers

13679 Mallorn CircleD and M needed to sell their home in Fishers.  Their financial situation had changed, due to the recession, and they were upside down on their mortgage after the developer of their neighborhood filed bankruptcy and abandoned the yet-unfinished neighborhood.  This sale would take a special agent with a lot of patience and a keen knowledge of the short sale process.  Jennifer was the right fit, and was able to accomplish what most would have declined.  A sale was procured, the bank approval of the short sale was secured, and the transaction moved toward a closing.  Jennifer helped the family find an excellent rental, so they could start the new job without the burden of an oppressive mortgage, and they didn’t even have to leave the school system they loved!

SOLD – 921 Raven Ridge, Zionsville

Donna’s rental property in Zionsville’s Sycamore Bend was surely one of the most challenging sales Jennifer has ever closed. The property had been a rental for many years, and it was desperately in need of a face lift just to be sell-able.  Donna was not living in Indiana, so the lion’s share of the updating fell to Jennifer’s oversight.  If something could go wrong with this transaction, it did.  The painters flaked out.  A pipe burst.  The air conditioner failed.  The well fai921 Raven Ridgeled.  The first transaction fell through when the interest rates spiked last summer.  But tenacity is a personality trait Jennifer embraces, so she never gave up!  Every challenge was overcome, and a new buyer was located.  The closing finally occurred without a hitch, and Donna is now free of a burden in Indiana.  Now, Jennifer has a colorful Story of Sold for her library, and she’s glad that book is closed!

SOLD – 7962 Chiltern Drive, Indianapolis

7965 ChilternThe Fergusons were treasured former clients from a few years back. When they called Jennifer about selling their home of 15+ years on Chiltern Dr, she knew it might be a challenging sale. The house was older, though clean and in good shape, but the neighborhood had been ravaged by the recession with abundant foreclosures and low, low selling prices. It didn’t help that a giant electrical tower sat in the back yard! Still, Jennifer helped them dress the house to impress and price it appropriately, but there was a nagging fear in her mind about getting any sale through an appraisal in that market. She did the research, figured out the right financing to get over the hurdle of the electrical tower, and in less than two months, a strong offer was secured. The inspections, however, turned out to be very, very challenging. A collapsed sewer line and failing drain pipes in the crawl were unexpected and very expensive surprises! Fortunately, Jennifer places third-party home warranties on day one of every listing she takes, and that saved the day on this one! Over $13,000 in significant plumbing repairs were covered by just three $100 deductibles on filed claims, and what could have been a major fall-through, was salvaged and closed on schedule.