SOLD – 6189 Brookshire Drive, Pittsboro

6189 Brookshire DrThe Dieckmeyers had built their dream house in Crawfordsville, so their long-time family home in Pittsboro needed to be sold.  The timing was not awesome, though, as the housing market was in full recession at the point they first put it on the market with Jennifer.  Luck was on their side, however, and the house was sold on land contract to a great young couple, relocating into the area.  For two years,  they were the perfect occupants who never missed a payment and made many improvements to the house.  But…another relocation loomed for them, and it was decided mutually by all parties that the contract would be voided and the house resold.  Jennifer took care of the paperwork and then relaunched the house to the market.  This time, it sold for an excellent sales price in just three weeks!  The delayed gratification on this one turned out beautifully for all parties in the end!


SOLD – 11472 Regency Lane, Carmel

11472 Regency LnThis house was AWESOME!  Loaded and landscaped, huge and gorgeous,
Jennifer knew it would not be a tough sale if she got buyers into it;
but the rub was that this would be the first listing for the
neighborhood in the emerging, post-recession market. Recent sales were
not exactly favorable for pulling top dollar on this one, so the
challenge would be to support list price with sales from outside the neighborhood.  Reality was (still is) that 4000 square feet of a house
like that doesn’t sell for under $500,000 in Carmel very often, so
Jennifer felt a $369,000 list price was very very fair, even though
the sales around had not drawn over $300,000 in the past two years.
She was nervous launching at that, but her gut was right; and within a
short bit of time, a full-price offer was received that closed
smoothly. And the neighbors are forever grateful!  The summer saw a
handful of homes in that small neighborhood hit the market and sell at
similar list prices, and Jennifer was reminded to trust her gut.  It’s
almost always right!!

SOLD! 7965 Chiltern Drive, Indianapolis

7965 ChilternThe Fergusons were treasured former clients from a few years back.  When they called Jennifer about selling their home of 15+ years on Chiltern Dr, she knew it might be a challenging sale.  The house was older, though clean and in good shape, but the neighborhood had been ravaged by the recession with abundant foreclosures and low, low selling prices.  It didn’t help that a giant electrical tower sat in the back yard!  Still, Jennifer helped them dress the house to impress and price it appropriately, but there was a nagging fear in her mind about getting any sale through an appraisal in that market.  She did the research, figured out the right financing to get over the hurdle of the electrical tower, and in less than two months, a strong offer was secured.  The inspections, however, turned out to be very, very challenging.  A collapsed sewer line and failing drain pipes in the crawl were unexpected and very expensive surprises!  Fortunately, Jennifer places third-party home warranties on day 1 of every listing she takes, and that saved the day on this one!  Over $13,000 in significant plumbing repairs were covered by just three $100 deductibles on filed claims, and what could have been a major fall-through, was salvaged and closed on schedule.

JUST SOLD – 3613 Brandywine Circle, Carmel

3613 BrandywineSteve and Donna wanted to be closer to their grandchildren, so a move to the Zionsville area was imminent.  Problem was, they needed to unload a house in Lafayette before they could make the move.  Jennifer tapped into her referral network and connected them with an excellent agent in that market.  Then, she plunged into their local search.  They looked at a zillion houses before they found the PERFECT house to accommodate their hobbies.   He wanted a basement for his HAM radio studio!  She wanted a sunny space for her painting passion, and the loft with skylights fit the bill.  A purchase agreement was struck just as they received an offer on the house in Lafayette and all proceeded to close without a hitch.  Jennifer was able to write the perfect Story of Sold for her sweet clients, and now their grandbabies are just a few miles away!

SOLD – 6827 Winding Bend Drive, McCordsville

6827 Winding Bend DrB.J. is Jennifer’s favorite car guy.  He helps her find the best deals on the best cars in his role as a sales rep for the Tom Wood Group.  When it came time for he and his wife Kalyn to buy a home, their roles reversed and Jennifer’s accepted the challenge to find them a house that was close for both their commutes, in excellent condition, and offered the potential to be a showplace!  The right house was available in McCordsville, but two other offers were received at the time the Knapke’s submitted their offer!  The irony was frustrating, as the house had been on the market for 1000+ days before their interest materialized.  It is never fun for Jennifer to be in a multiple offer situation, but she helped them write a strong offer to beat out the competition and secure the house.  It worked!  And despite a few hiccups in the inspection, the Knapke’s got to take possession of their dream house in short order!

SOLD – 6815 Woodhaven Place, Zionsville

6815 Woodhaven PlTom and Connie were moving to Tennessee!  Grandbabies were calling, and there simply was no reason to remain in Zionsville.  They wanted to be a Story of Sold, so they called Jennifer to help them sell their lovely, lovely home in the Enclave.  The actual sale of the house was comical, but successful.  Jennifer guided her anxious sellers through about 8 rounds of counters from a very challenging buyer, but it eventually pended and headed to inspections.  That’s where it got tricky.  The inspector picked apart the well-maintained, 9-year-old house, which resulted in a fairly inflammatory list of repair requests that could have been the death of that transaction.  Jennifer helped Tom and Connie remain calm, called on the expertise of her trusted contractors and got through it, finding a fair compromise between buyer and seller.  The transaction was air tight, and it DID close – on time, on good terms, and on a perfect schedule for Tom and Connie to move right into their brand new house in Tennessee.  Over the years, Jennifer has learned to STAY CALM, work through it, and never let them see you sweat!

SOLD – 8927 Winterberry Court, Zionsville

8927 WinterberryJennifer met James and Sarah at an open house this spring.  She was a little surprised when James told her he “didn’t like Realtors.”  “Neither do I,” she replied with a chuckle, but she showed them the house, with all its selling points, and sent them on their way with well wishes for a lovely summer.  She must have left a favorable impression, because several months later, Sarah called and asked her to help them sell their beautiful home in Spring Knoll.  They’d decided to build a custom home elsewhere in Zionsville, and now the family home of 10+ years needed to be sold, as the new house was nearing completion.  James was focused on a quick sale, so Jennifer gave them her best tips for preparing the home for the market, helped them price the house effectively, and rolled out the marketing.  The house on Winterberry sold in 26 days! Their closing coincided perfectly with their move to the new house, and the whole situation could not have worked out any better.  In the end, Jennifer earned a new fan AND a referral, because later in the year, she got to sell their neighbors’ house, too!