Now THIS is Dedication

Now this is dedication, my friends….

Saturdays at this time of year are always fully booked. I leave at the crack of dawn, and I get home at dusk. Hopefully my hubby has some din din ready by the time I crawl in the door. So it would make sense that I have no patience for bad weather, and rescheduling will only screw up my entire week and the next weekend, right? Right. So it made sense to me that I would head out this past Saturday as planned, despite the precipitation. I had a listing to preview, and a full round of showings scheduled with a nice young couple, excited to look for their first house in Broad Ripple. And the weatherman was only calling for an inch of snow. Right?

By the time I left Zionsville at 10, a full 4″ was on the ground. Plow 1 hadn’t touched down, and my Chrysler 300 is the best snow mobile I have, but south I headed anyway, determined to keep my schedule for the day and even get the oil changed while I was out.

Two hours later, I slipped my way into Timber Bend in Avon. (a 30 min drive with traffic in normal conditions). And I mean, literally slipped. The first wipeout was at the gas station, coffee in the snow. The second was into a snow bank in the neighborhood, where I prayed my way loose and thanked the good Lord for AAA if I should need a tow. The third was another wipeout climbing the driveway of this beautiful, snow-buried home I was to tour. The fourth was coming down the steps, after the tour. By 1pm, I’m soaking wet, covered in coffee, and not sure I’ll even get out of the neighborhood. But to Broad Ripple I head for a tour of 6 lovely bungalows. By now, there’s easily 5″ on the ground, practically a white-out!

Note to self: never again attempt Broad Ripple in snow. Never!

By this point, seriously, there’s 6″ of fresh powder over ice, no plow or salt in sight. It’s a recipe for disaster. And there’s a lot of vacant foreclosures on our list. Bummer. No one to shovel. No heat. The brief respite at Starbucks didn’t last long. But my clients were jovial and adventurous and promised not to sue me if we slid off the road and to push if we got stuck. So off we went. By the second house, we’d all hit the ground at least once. Our feet were soaking wet, not to mention our behinds. The third house, I couldn’t even go in. The drive was buried in snow, there was no street parking, so i gave them the lockbox code and slid around the block. unorthodox, I know, but extraordinary times. They didn’t like it anyway. The fourth one was cute! We couldn’t find the driveway there, either, so I left the car in the side road and tramped up to the darling, ice-covered front porch. It had heat! We didn’t fall. We were happy. After two more unappealing houses, and I think we have a winner. They are excited to start the negotiations. I told them we’d better get a move on it cuz Friday’s price reduction would attract interest. Fortunate for them, there are not many other realtors willing to brave weather like we’ve had this weekend in pursuit of the perfect starter home. But warm weather will come. They will emerge.

On the way home, dark setting in, I wiped out in the snow again – in my own driveway. A perfect ending to a lovely winter day. My hubby had dinner and a martini waiting. He is the hero of my story.