AVAILABLE FOR LEASE! 8309 Spring Ridge Lane, Indianapolis

Executive rental available in Pike Township!

Opportunity for an executive rental such as this doesn’t come along often! Yes, this custom home offers the high-end finishes, modern floor plan & main-floor living you demand, but it’s also located in a REALLY gracious, wooded neighborhood in a superb location on the west side, for an easy commute to anywhere. While eagles and deer still play in the back yard, you’ll find either interstate to be less than 10 minutes from home, so you can get to where you need to go, even if you hate to leave this gem. Main floor features two large bedrooms, an office, a cook’s dream of a kitchen, while the walkout-basement can be the site of your Super Bowl party next year, complete with a party bar, wine cellar & hot tub. 12 mo+ terms only. No pets please. Call Jennifer to set up a private tour!

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SOLD – 13679 Mallorn Circle, Fishers

13679 Mallorn CircleD and M needed to sell their home in Fishers.  Their financial situation had changed, due to the recession, and they were upside down on their mortgage after the developer of their neighborhood filed bankruptcy and abandoned the yet-unfinished neighborhood.  This sale would take a special agent with a lot of patience and a keen knowledge of the short sale process.  Jennifer was the right fit, and was able to accomplish what most would have declined.  A sale was procured, the bank approval of the short sale was secured, and the transaction moved toward a closing.  Jennifer helped the family find an excellent rental, so they could start the new job without the burden of an oppressive mortgage, and they didn’t even have to leave the school system they loved!

SOLD – 1167 S Vicksburg Drive, Greenwood

1167 S Vicksburg DrWhen Debbie and Don got married two years ago, they ended up with a spare house.  The market was really weak at that point, so Jennifer helped them lease it for a year, which offset their expenses (with a little profit to boot), while the market improved and stabilized.  The spring of 2013 found the tenant moving on to a new job, and the market extremely robust in their development.  The builder had finished up and cleared out, the foreclosures that had haunted the market in the prior year had sold and been revitalized.  Several strong sales had occurred over the winter, and the time was right for 1167 S Vicksburg to have a new owner.  Believe it or not, the condo was sold in 22 days, for almost list price, and closed just a few weeks later.  Debbie and Don are free to enjoy their newly-wedded bliss without a vacant house on their backs, and Jennifer got to write another Story of Sold.

SOLD – 132 Prairie Parkway, Brownsburg

Brent and Lana are building themselves a portfolio of rental properties that are nice, clean, safe, and affordable for the residents of Brownsburg. They trust Jennifer to help132 Prairie them locate those with the highest rate of potential return and the least headache.  It is a great honor for Jennifer to work with repeat clients who have been happy with her knowledge and service over and again.  Repeat clients and referrals from happy customers are what drives her business, and she knows it will be what sustains her business over the course of her career.  She never knows what will come from any one transaction, but she knows they all need to be handled like family.  Brent and Lana closed on their newest acquisition a couple of months ago, and it was rented within two weeks.  It is a great addition to their portfolio, and Jennifer knows that when they are ready to add another, they’ll trust her to handle it!

SOLD – 1825 E 100 S, Zionsville

1825 E 100 SJerry and Sarah were thinking about their future when they spotted a little ranch for sale across the field from their son’s home.  They’d come to the realization that,
perhaps, their family homestead of 50+ years might become more than they could
manage in future years.  It might be wise to pick up an easy-to-live-in
home close to family, while home prices were still favorable, that they could
rent out for a few years and eventually move into when the time came.
They called Jennifer to schedule a showing and promptly decided it would
be a good fit. The location just couldn’t be beat, and it
was a very manageable home!  So, Jennifer began the negotiations and a
closing date was set.  While they were waiting to close, Jennifer found a
tenant for them. Within 24 hours of their ownership, the new house became
occupied by an exceptional renter without a moment wasted!  While Jennifer
hopes Jerry and Sarah don’t find it necessary to move in the eminent future,
she is happy to know that one part of their plan is in place for that
inevitable day!

JUST SOLD – 685 W Poplar St, Zionsville

You can’t go wrong with a rental in the Village of Zionsville, so when a recent price reduction popped up on this clean, three-bedroom ranch on the western edge of town, Jennifer placed a call.  She watches daily for the right types of properties to hit the market for a variety of clients, and this was a perfect fit for a family of landlords she happens to know.  They agreed, and it became a part of their portfolio in late September.  Now, to find them a tenant!  Jennifer wishes more folks had her on the prowl for properties that meet their needs.  She has access to the available inventory, she scours new and updated listings every morning, and then matches up buyers and sellers, removing the burden of the search from her clients.  If you’re in the market, let Jennifer know what you need…she’ll find it!

JUST SOLD – 7716 Imperial Eagle Drive, Zionsville

David and Liz had just found out that baby #3 was on the way when they called Jennifer.  Their 3-bedroom rental simply would not be large enough for their expanding family, but they were in an air-tight lease through September.  Buying a new home with 6 months of rental obligation hanging over their head was simply not an option.  Being impatient to move before the new baby’s arrival, David asked Jennifer to help him buy a larger home with the caveat that the rental be leased simultaneously.  As always, Jennifer was up to the challenge.  She knew that rentals in Zionsville are few and far between… Finding a new tenant would be no problem.  She put the rental on the market, and the hunt for a 4-bedroom home was on.  It worked.  Three days after David and Liz moved into their brand new home in Eagles Nest, a new renter moved into their old one. In the end, Jennifer is proud to say she solved three problems at once– by providing a new home for David and Liz, a new tenant for their old landlord, and a home for his new renters.