SOLD – 6189 Brookshire Drive, Pittsboro

6189 Brookshire DrThe Dieckmeyers had built their dream house in Crawfordsville, so their long-time family home in Pittsboro needed to be sold.  The timing was not awesome, though, as the housing market was in full recession at the point they first put it on the market with Jennifer.  Luck was on their side, however, and the house was sold on land contract to a great young couple, relocating into the area.  For two years,  they were the perfect occupants who never missed a payment and made many improvements to the house.  But…another relocation loomed for them, and it was decided mutually by all parties that the contract would be voided and the house resold.  Jennifer took care of the paperwork and then relaunched the house to the market.  This time, it sold for an excellent sales price in just three weeks!  The delayed gratification on this one turned out beautifully for all parties in the end!

SOLD – 11472 Regency Lane, Carmel

11472 Regency LnThis house was AWESOME!  Loaded and landscaped, huge and gorgeous,
Jennifer knew it would not be a tough sale if she got buyers into it;
but the rub was that this would be the first listing for the
neighborhood in the emerging, post-recession market. Recent sales were
not exactly favorable for pulling top dollar on this one, so the
challenge would be to support list price with sales from outside the neighborhood.  Reality was (still is) that 4000 square feet of a house
like that doesn’t sell for under $500,000 in Carmel very often, so
Jennifer felt a $369,000 list price was very very fair, even though
the sales around had not drawn over $300,000 in the past two years.
She was nervous launching at that, but her gut was right; and within a
short bit of time, a full-price offer was received that closed
smoothly. And the neighbors are forever grateful!  The summer saw a
handful of homes in that small neighborhood hit the market and sell at
similar list prices, and Jennifer was reminded to trust her gut.  It’s
almost always right!!

JUST SOLD – 3504 Modesto Lane, Carmel

3504 Modesto LaneDoug had tried to sell on his own for several months before a friend referred him to Jennifer.  His time on the market “FSBO” had resulted in a lot of wasted time – no offers, no feedback, and prospective buyers who disappeared.  He was a very frustrated home owner who just wanted to move on to the next phase of his life.  When Jennifer toured the house initially, she recommended several inexpensive improvements (clean the carpet, rearrange the furniture, paint the front exterior trim, tidy up the basement, etc), and then she showed him a more effective pricing strategy.  As the holidays approached, 36 showings were coordinated and an offer materialized from the last buyer through.  All in all, the house was on the market just 64 days and closed on New Year’s Eve.  2014 offered Doug a fresh start and a new adventure, and Jennifer loves to finish out a year with a closing in the 11th hour.

SOLD – 6827 Winding Bend Drive, McCordsville

6827 Winding Bend DrB.J. is Jennifer’s favorite car guy.  He helps her find the best deals on the best cars in his role as a sales rep for the Tom Wood Group.  When it came time for he and his wife Kalyn to buy a home, their roles reversed and Jennifer’s accepted the challenge to find them a house that was close for both their commutes, in excellent condition, and offered the potential to be a showplace!  The right house was available in McCordsville, but two other offers were received at the time the Knapke’s submitted their offer!  The irony was frustrating, as the house had been on the market for 1000+ days before their interest materialized.  It is never fun for Jennifer to be in a multiple offer situation, but she helped them write a strong offer to beat out the competition and secure the house.  It worked!  And despite a few hiccups in the inspection, the Knapke’s got to take possession of their dream house in short order!

SOLD – 4913 Melbourne Road, Indianapolis

4913 Melbourne RdThe Johns family had already outgrown their comfy home in Pike Township when baby #4 was announced, so the time was right and the schedule tight for a move in the summer of 2013.  Jennifer had a listing nearby that appealed to them; a spacious, clean house in a nice neighborhood that was priced well because the sellers had fallen on hard times. It was a perfect fit, but how to juggle the sale of Melbourne and the purchase of their new home on a schedule that made sense to a pregnancy already in month seven?  “We’ll figure it out,” Lucas said.  “Let’s just get Melbourne on the market and get the new house under contract and go from there.” Jennifer secured an accepted purchase agreement for them, then focused on Melbourne.  It needed to be cleaned up a bit, purged, staged and priced to sell in a short amount of time, but not so soon that they were homeless before they were ready to close on the short sale they had to wait on.  The long and the short of how all that worked out is that Jennifer knew an investor who was snapping up nice homes for their rental portfolio.  She made one call and Melbourne was under contract at a fair price with a flexible close schedule that could accommodate the acquisition and move into the larger home.  And the new baby arrived a month later.  Whew!  Jennifer hasn’t had a family homeless yet, and she finds it fun to see how things always seem to work out.

JUST SOLD – 14645 Shadow Lakes Drive West, Carmel

14645 Shadow Lakes Drive WestMichael and Kristin had an accepted offer on their sweet, little town home, and they were in a hurry to find a new home nearby that would allow them to have more space, necessitated by the arrival of baby #3.  Jennifer helped them preview multiple properties throughout Carmel and Westfield until they found 14645 Shadow Lakes Dr West, which proved to be THE ONE that met all their needs.  What a great yard this one had!  And a finished basement.  Even a basketball hoop for their son Josiah to enjoy.  Negotiations commenced, terms were ultimately finalized, and a closing date was set.  It wasn’t exactly a smooth transaction for a variety of unforeseen reasons, but it did get closed.  And after a little rehab, the Carys have been able spread out in their new home with space for everyone.

SOLD – 10936 Lemongrass Drive, Zionsville

10936 LemongrassThe addition of baby #3 made 10936 Lemongrass Drive a tight fit for Michael & Kristin’s family of 5.  It had been an awesome home for them in the early years of their marriage, but the family expansion demanded more space, and the momentum of the spring housing market made the timing perfect for their move up in size.  Jennifer helped the new parents prepare and price their house for a quick sale, and the marketing began.  Within 12 days, two offers were presented.  The strongest offer was selected, and the closing date was set.  The sale sailed through the inspection and appraisal process, and the Carys got to start their own house hunt.  Now, that’s another story, but it also has a happy ending.  Lemongrass is now closed, with new occupants, and the Carys have spread out in their new home with space for everyone

SOLD! 8272 Tilly Mill Lane, Indianapolis

TIlly MillThe Furrers had some basic needs for their new house.  They needed to be close to the preschool, have a 3C garage, and a basement for storage.  They had a budget to keep and a short time to buy before they handed over keys to their current home at a closing looming just 5 weeks out.  Valentines Day plans were put on hold.  Jennifer’s husband, Mark, understood.  They rescheduled their celebration (he’s used to it by now!).  The hunt was on, and in a matter of days, every possibility within a 10 miles radius of the preschool was personally toured.  8272 Tilly Mill was the answer!  What a beautiful, safe neighborhood in the perfect location, with all the necessary amenities and in the right price range.  The large yard, culdesac location and pretty pond view were bonuses.  Negotiations began, were finalized in a matter of days, and a closing date was set.  Jennifer can’t say it was easy, but it did get done.  And the Furrers are settling in right now, giving the somewhat hairy story of Tilly Mill a happy ending and Jennifer another exciting Story of Sold.

JUST SOLD – 685 W Poplar St, Zionsville

You can’t go wrong with a rental in the Village of Zionsville, so when a recent price reduction popped up on this clean, three-bedroom ranch on the western edge of town, Jennifer placed a call.  She watches daily for the right types of properties to hit the market for a variety of clients, and this was a perfect fit for a family of landlords she happens to know.  They agreed, and it became a part of their portfolio in late September.  Now, to find them a tenant!  Jennifer wishes more folks had her on the prowl for properties that meet their needs.  She has access to the available inventory, she scours new and updated listings every morning, and then matches up buyers and sellers, removing the burden of the search from her clients.  If you’re in the market, let Jennifer know what you need…she’ll find it!

JUST SOLD – 7525 E 550 S, Zionsville

Jamie and Jennifer wanted to claim a gigantic country estate in Zionsville and make it their own. It was bank-owned and a mess, but they had the vision. They also had a problem, because they had a house to unload before they could buy again. Banks won’t accept contingent offers, so the horse HAD to come before the cart (or the egg before the chicken). Panic was mounting as price reductions on the dream house ticked down nearly every week, which obviously increased activity on it. They were going to have to step out on a limb and do a bit of gambling on this one. Jennifer wrote an offer for a delayed closing, not contingent on the sale of their existing house, knowing full well that if she didn’t get the current house sold QUICKLY, they would not be able to close on their purchase, and their earnest money would be forfeited to the bank. Yikes. Losing is never an acceptable option for Jennifer, but moving in faith is, so it HAD to work! The current house was prepared and  priced to sell! She got it sold and closed a month earlier than necessary, and the bank owning the estate was none the wiser. Jamie and Jennifer were free to move forward with the rehab financing for their dream house, and they got to close on their purchase last week. Jennifer had held their breath for three months while it all fell into place, but this will go down as one of her greatest accomplishments. Now to the contractor responsible for that rehab…it’s in your hands, and Jennifer cannot wait to see the finished product!